P.R.A.R. and its team of Animal Warriors pride itself on not saying, "NO" to the cases that most people run away screaming from. These are their stories...

A Few Of Our Rescue Stories

The animals pictured in these stories went to hell, and came back from it. Their stories can be difficult to read, and some images may be tough to look at. But folks, this was their reality. Because of rescuers who refused to give up, and with generous donations from our community – these animals survived to find their  “Happily Ever Afters.” THIS, my friends… Is Rescue.

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ANNIE is now the Animal Ambassador for Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue. Her case was absolutely the most horrific, severe, and medically complicated case of neglect and cruelty our animal rescue has ever seen.

GRACIE came to us nearly cut in half. Yes… nearly CUT. IN. HALF! Her and her brother required weeks of hospitalization and several surgeries to put them together again. Their story, thankfully, had a happy ending.

JANIE was dumped in Houston at about 2 years old, and a mere 27lbs. She was too weak to stand or to even lift her head. With a body score of 1/9, her condition was, “GRAVE” and she was scheduled for immediate euthanasia… until we stepped in.

The rescue of Bonnie & Clyde and their Roundup Gang. My epic love story, and my most challenging trapping case. Feral adults, newborn puppies, snowstorms, and an entire family in need of immediate rescue! 

MATILDA was hit by a car. She lost an eye and a toe. She had a badly fractured pelvis which required complicated surgical intervention and extensive recovery. 

KINLEY was left on the forest floor to die after she had been shot with a shotgun and her leg had been crushed in an inhumane bear trap. She was crippled, her wounds were horribly infected and she was out of time.

WINGNUT was not even recognizable as a dog when he first came into the program. He was in so much pain from the horrific matting, he couldn’t be touched. He had to be anesthetized to remove 4 pounds of matted hair from his tiny body.

MAMA MOIRA came to us VERY pregnant. She could barely walk! This small breed girl’s abdomen was ALL. THE. WAY. FULL with  EIGHT babies. Moira experienced Uterine Inertia and required a c-section to deliver her little family. Here is the video of that incredible, life-saving surgery!

TINY TIPPY came to us a HOT HOT MESS, my friends. As of right now we are still working to surgically correct her injuries and get this girl her mobility back! Follow her journey here!

MERCY came to us mere minutes before she was to be euthanized. She had what appeared to be a gaping “impalement” injury to her abdomen. She was very malnourished and dehydrated as well. Mercy required emergency surgery to her badly infected abdomen, several days in the ICU, and then surgery to repair a cherry eye as well. 

MAMA BONNIE was found in a field with 11 newborn pups. She was terribly emaciated, injured, riddled with previous scars, and full of heartworms. She was killing herself while giving everything she had to keep her precious babies alive. 

MATEO came to us from the euthanasia list at an overcrowded shelter. He had been sitting in the shelter for 2 weeks with a broken ulna and radius to his RF arm. When this malnourished little Italian Greyhound mix got to us, he made a flying superman jump off of his foster mom’s couch, and broke his LEFT arm! 

Lugnut came to us unrecognizable as a dog due to the severe matting and debris covering his tiny little body. No one wanted to claim responsibility for the condition he was in, so we brought him into our program and got him all fixed up!

Khloe is a 4 month old pup who was surrendered to us after she got a horrible spiral fracture to her femur. When another rescue refused to euthanize her for the owner, the owner threatened to shoot her in the head. That’s when she found her way into our program.

Sicura, a 9 week old Cane Corso puppy was ordered to be euthanized after a housemate severely broke her jaw and owners wouldn’t pay for the $6,000 surgery to repair the break. We brought her into our program, got her surgery and gave her the 2nd chance she desperately needed.

Blackbeard came to us with a completely degloved rear leg… only the femur bone remained and was visible. An emergency amputation was required.

Betty White came into our program a filthy, matted mess with a deflated / dead eyeball in one socket that needed urgent removal, and horrible, extensive dental disease which required several extractions. Today this senior dog is healthy & happy!

Raj was born in our rescue. At 6 weeks old he had a massive seizure. He was revived with CPR and rushed to the hospital. He was oxygen dependent, suddenly blind, and doctors told us to euthanize. Raj had other plans…

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We are only able to intervene in cases like these with the onging support of our community. These animals cost THOUSANDS of dollars to rehabilitate, but they are WORTH IT! If they’re fighting, we’re fighting. And that’s just the bottom line.

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