P.R.A.R. and its team of Animal Warriors pride itself on not saying, "NO" to the cases that most people run away screaming from. These are their stories...

Meet Some of our Wildest Success Stories...

WARNING: The animals pictured in these stories went to hell, and came back from it. Their stories are excruciating to read, and the images can be graphic. But because of rescuers who refused to quit – these animals survived to find their  “Happily Ever Afters.” THIS, my friends… Is Rescue.

Annie is our P.R.A.R. Ambassador. Her case was absolutely the most horrific, severe, and medically complicated case of neglect and cruelty our animal rescue has ever seen.

Gracie came to us nearly cut in half. Yes… nearly CUT. IN. HALF! Her and her brother required weeks of hospitalization and several surgeries to put them together again. Their story, thankfully, had a happy ending.

Blackbeard came to us with a completely degloved rear leg… only the femur bone remained and was visible. An emergency amputation was required.

The rescue of Bonnie & Clyde and their Roundup Gang. My epic love story, and the reason I do what I do.

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We are only able to intervene in cases like these with the onging support of our community. These animals cost THOUSANDS of dollars to rehabilitate, but they are WORTH IT! If they’re fighting, we’re fighting. And that’s just the bottom line.

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