"Righting the most unfathomable wrongs"




We have an URGENT situation at a Southern Colorado animal shelter, where we will be attempting to pull as many of the dogs as we possibly can, ASAP! It has recently come to our attention that this shelter is FULL, they are not posting/advertising available pets, and pets are NOT receiving veterinary care for illnesses, injuries, or infections. The dogs are not provided beds, blankets, or toys. They spend their days alone, on a concrete floor. I’m being told the dogs are being fed once a week, so as to reduce the amount of waste that staff needs to clean up. Local deputies are literally throwing dog food over the fences! This shelter has a 95% euthanasia rate, animals are being euthed weekly. “IF” a dog is lucky enough to be adopted, they are being sent out the door in-tact, and without vaccinations. These are all extreme violations of PACFA guidelines!

Certain people in the area are working HARD to effect immediate change. Part of that change will require local rescues to step in and rescue LOCAL ANIMALS! This is happening right in our own back yard folks, we need loving foster homes and adopters to step up NOW, so we can help save as many of these animals as we can! If you can foster, PLEASE visit our Foster with Us” page! If you can adopt, PLEASE ADOPT!!!! We will be posting photos as soon as we get them of the dogs we’ll be bringing in. If you can help support our rescue efforts by donating MUCH needed supplies, please visit our Amazon.com wishlist! If you can help support the animals with a monetary donation, please do! We are in desperate need of funding for the veterinary care these neglected animals need so badly!





They come to us in so many ways: abused, abandoned, hurt, sick, lost, unwanted & unloved. Your support means so much… A sanctuary for those most in need, Pawsitive Restorations is dedicated to providing food, medical care & shelter, along with caring hearts & loving arms; giving each one another chance at life and love. We are making a difference, one precious life at a time.