I have adopted two loving dogs from PRAR. My ‘wild lady’ Lulu was a Mama dog that came to the rescue with two puppies and my sweet girl Maya came into the rescue very pregnant and successfully gave birth to 6 puppies with Krissy’s help. In both of their cases, I watched as their puppies were eagerly sought after and felt a special connection to both of them when they didn’t find homes. Adopting a rescue dog, specifically an adult Mama dog, has been the greatest joy of my life. The love and gratitude I feel from my girls is so special and unique to adopting from a rescue. Both of my girls have a spunk and zest for life that inspires everyone that hears their stories. I found that Lulu has a talent for agility and she is on the path to becoming an agility champion – no one can believe her humble beginnings. I’ve only had Maya for a few weeks, but in that short time it’s been so rewarding to see her come out of “Mommy mode” and start to thrive in her new carefree, fun life. 

Rescue dogs are special breed of love, hope and gratitude that is life changing. Furthermore, adopting from PRAR is particularly rewarding due to the level of transparency within the organization. Krissy and her team constantly share how adoptions funds are used through social media. It is an extremely well run organization where the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of the animals are the ONLY concern. The level of care these animals receive make you feel good about supporting them and their mission. These animals are loved and protected even before they enter rescue and the support that fosters and adopters receive from the entire team continues even after you bring your dog home. When you adopt from PRAR you enter into a family of “animal people” that are there to support you and your new adoptee. I am forever grateful to Krissy and her team for my girls and what they have brought to my life. Please adopt and support PRAR so that they can continue to do the important work that they do. 

Lea A.

We fostered this sweet girl and her sister. They got parvovirus just a couple days after she joined us. Pawsitive Restoration Animal Rescue sped into action and not only saved our sweet girl but 16 other puppies with this deadly virus! We missed her so much that when she was healthy, we adopted her! Maddie Aspen is now a wonderful blessing to our family.

Trisha P

I have had the privilege of fostering with Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue and they have proved themselves to be the best in class. They have the animals best interest in mind, they care deeply about the fosters, the adopters, and all volunteers and supporters. They are extremely knowledgeable and have a streamlined and effective process in place. I would 100% recommend them if you are interested in fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating to this rescue. I only have pawsitive things to say about PRAR!

Jessica Y.

I looked for over a year for that special pup. After doing some research, going to a few of PRAR's adoption events and meeting the team of people and some fosters I was hooked. I ended up adopting my Pippa March 14 2020, just before covid! The process was thorough but easy, something I greatly appreciated. They genuinely love and care for each little soul that comes through their doors. I love the fact that after you adopt, you are family. I have been able to watch her siblings grow and compare notes. There is a special place in Heaven for Krissy and her team. They take some of the worst cases and go so far above and beyond giving each a piece of their heart! Even in the midst of tragedy, sadness, loss. Krissy and her team find strength and courage and continue to fight for those that can't. I'm simply astounded at what they accomplish!! THANK YOU PRAR for all you do, and for my darling, best friend. She has brought so much love and Joy, I can't imagine life without her!

Angela H

I LOVE this rescue and all of the people involved in rescuing these babies! I first started following Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue when they rescued a severely abused & pregnant pup named Annie. Man, Krissy has given her heart and soul to rescue, heal, and fight for justice for this sweet pup! From that first post about Annie, I followed every single post from PRAR. The heart and the work that goes into making sure every single animal’s well being is their number one priority is extremely obvious!
As I read every single post and looked at every single little face saved by PRAR, I came across a post about a newly rescued pregnant girl named Toka. If my memory is correct, Toka was infested with ticks and had bleeding feet when she was first found. I was immediately taken by this little girl. When she had her 5 chunky babies, I just knew one of them had to be a part of our family!! When Toka’s babies were 8 weeks old, we got to meet them. The instant we laid eyes on our baby boy, Ralphie, my family knew instantly he belonged with us!
Fast forward a year,
and now I am a foster for this amazing rescue! How could I not want to be a part of something so amazing?!

Jessi W.

I started following “Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue” about two yrs ago. I would see all these posts about all these dogs they would rescue, it amazed me how many they would rescue. Then we come to sweet “Annie” when I read her story it touched my heart how much they did to save her life!! I had been wanting to rescue a dog for awhile, so since I had been following Annie’s story I said to myself I’m getting my rescue from them. I saw so much love that Krissy and her staff puts into each and every baby they get. So I finally found this beautiful dog (Laila) and I had to have her! She has been the best dog for us and we love her SO much! Thank you to everyone who works with Krissy and “Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue”! You all are the best! 💕

Dottie Y

I have rescued two gorgeous, sweet shepherd mix dogs from Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue. Both of my girls were within 30 minutes of being euthanized - and one of them was pregnant! But Krissy and her team/network saved them and brought them to Colorado for a second chance at life! My mama dog, after receiving medical treatment, proper nutrition and care with her amazing foster family, delivered ten healthy, beautiful puppies. All ten are now in their furever homes, too. My other dog was a street dog who had just delivered a litter of puppies, and was separated from them. She was heartworm positive and emaciated when she was pulled from a shelter. PRAR arranged for 2 fosters in another state, and had 18 (yes, 18!) people drive 100 miles each to get her here for safe harbor and treatment. She stayed with her foster dad for several months undergoing expensive, painful heartworm treatment, and being nursed back to health. Who goes to such lengths for an animal? PRAR does! Both of my girls have my heart, and so does PRAR. Our family is complete with our girls, and they bring us joy every day! Before getting involved with PRAR through a friend, I had no idea what rescue was about, Now, I know so much more about the intense effort that goes on behind the scenes to save these animals. I have cried at the losses, cheered on the sick, loved on the mamas and their babies, and donated whenever possible. I have learned so much personally about rescue, and how PRAR and their networks work in sync to bring these beautiful animals to Colorado. As a teacher, I have then shared what I have learned with my students, and my own children, alike. I am beyond impressed with this organization! Krissy has a heart of gold, is top-notch, and also understands what it takes to save these animals. I became active with PRAR collecting donations in my neighborhood, encouraging others to spay/neuter, and urging others to adopt these lovely animals - I have even helped do home visits both in-person and virtually for potential adopters. EVERY animal has been adopted -- isn't that remarkable? If you are looking for the perfect fit for your family, I would not hesitate to direct you to PRAR. Donations are what keeps this rescue afloat! PRAR is a foster-based rescue, and is always in need of monetary donations to be used to pay for veterinary care, medicines, transport costs, fostering needs, shelter fees, food, bedding, puppy pee-pads, toys, puppy-specific needs, etc. Please help Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue in any way you are able. Every donation is sincerely appreciated, and needed!

Sarah B

We had the great pleasure of adopting our precious 10 lb Louie from this organization September of 2020. When we entered the process of applying for adoption, I paused a second as I thought Krissy was tough. Grateful it was only a pause. This organization vets their clients thoroughly because they care so deeply for their four legged friends! Period. They care about finding and searching for perfect matches, perfect fits for these babies who are so deserving. Krissy and her team work tirelessly to provide a service that is both impeccable and impressive. They put in 110% for every baby, from fostering to fulfilling many needs.
We will not look elsewhere for our second little guy and admire the lengths this group goes to in saving lives. Much admiration to Pawsitive Restorations!

Angel B.

I "met" Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue when a friend shared a post about Annie. I was hooked! The work, dedication and love that is poured out through Krissy and her team is beyond words. I couldn't keep from checking their Facebook page and website multiple times a day, laughing at happy endings and crying with each loss. I knew that someday I would have to adopt a dog/puppy when the time was right. When I saw pregnant Mama Lucy I knew it would be one of her puppies. January 16 my Bisbee was born and I was in love. March 22 he officially became a member of our family. I am forever grateful to Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue for all they do to save all they can, and for allowing me to be a small part of it!

Andrea S.

Over the last 3 years we have adopted 2 dogs from PRAR, Molly and Tater. I’m an animal lover (vegetarian) and am extremely selective about who I will support. There are many rescues around. I’ve adopted dogs years ago from shelters/ rescues. I simply can’t underscore enough the level of quality that is maintained by PRAR. It took almost three weeks to complete our first adoption. The background check, the references needing to be contacted, the home visit, the initial visit at the foster home… every single potential step is taken by PRAR to verify these dogs find their furever homes in HIGH quality environments. Susan and I donate financially, donate time and donate our Etsy business to fundraisers for this amazing and dedicated rescue. We have personally witnessed more money than would be needed for a small home down payment be spent to save an amazing dog, many of sleepless nights spent nursing babies, caring for Parvovirus inflicted animals and the most selfless actions of constantly and continually putting these four legged angels first. We simply could never do justice in words to the value that two of these rescues have brought to our lives.
While the care, treatment and placement of these animals is always kept first above all else, the reality is PRAR goes above and beyond any rescue I’ve ever seen. Every adoptee is spayed or neutered, microchipped, brought up to date on shots and ensured healthy and happy before they are ever even available for adoption.
PRAR rescues and saves dogs from all over the region, bringing in dogs from neighboring states and providing them the bestest shot they could ever have at a happily ever after.
There simply isn’t a better rescue out there and we will forever be clients and supporters in each and every way we can. 

Noel A.

We loved oooooing and awe-ing over all the puppies on P.R.A.R's page over the last several years. When we felt ready to add a new fur family member to our home we were excited and proud be a part of the PRAR family. To think of all the lives saved is astounding and hopeful in the weird world we live in. We love our Patch. He's just the silliness we needed.

Sara D.

Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue changed mine and my husbands lives. We were always wanting a dog but my husband would say “we will know when we find the one”. I thought he was nuts until I saw my little Luci’s face pop up and I told him, “She is the one!” Little did I know I would end up with two dogs but they have been the biggest blessing!

Dominique P.

We were lucky enough to adopt from Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue . I was working at Centennial Airport when I noticed several rescue dogs that were flown from OKC to be saved. Needless to say I fell in love with one & was able to adopt her. They are extremely thorough to make sure their rescues are placed in good safe homes. After adopting I was able to join a Facebook page of others who have adopted through Pawsitive Restorations. I am able to keep up with Harper’s mom & siblings. I also know how much time, energy & money they put into saving each & every rescued dog. I feel like I have an extended family after adopting our puppy. I highly recommend this rescue to anyone looking to add a four legged love to their family! ❤️

Andrea W.

I checked out many Colorado rescues and found Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue . I loved their mission and did a fund raiser for them and ended up with my sweet Millie ( Lucy’s baby). I’ve never seen a more caring group of volunteers as well as dog Moms. Truly amazing!

Lisa D.

My husband and I were looking for a second dog. We found Tucker on Facebook. The process to adopt was easy, although thorough. PRAR gave us a chance to meet him and decide to ensure he was the right fit for our family and if they thought the same for him. When we picked him up, they had an amazing care package. It was evident how well they take care of their pups and care where each goes to. Since adoption there’s a great sense of community too that we are thankful to be a part of. If we ever adopt again, it will be with PRAR

Danielle W.