The pets posted on this page are NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION YET!  We are either waiting for their arrival, or they are still on their 2-week wellness hold while we get to know them. We assess their temperaments, and work to get them completely vetted and ready for adoption. Watch our Facebook page CLOSELY to learn when these kiddos will become available for adoption!

Super Mutt Puppies - Maternity Hold

13 puppies estimated to be 3-4 weeks old. THIRTEEN of them were dumped in a pile in a park in New Mexico. We have to do better folks. This is soul crushing. 

These kiddos will be on MATERNITY HOLD for at least 4-5 weeks  as we grow them up.

Rottweiler/Shepherd Pups - Maternity Hold

3-4 week old German Shepherd/Rottweiler orphans. Their stray mom was found dead in the street. 3 of these pups got onto an emergency flight to us and arrived 9/24

These pups will be on MATERNITY HOLD until they are old enough to be adopted.

Estimated Arrival - First / Second Week in October

BEAU – 5-6 yr old Schnauzer

SHELDON – 2(ish) yr old male. 30lb. Poss Sheltie mix

MEESHA – 2yr old, 24lb female. Poss. Poodle mix

These kiddos were part of what we assume is a breeder dump in rural Colorado. 30 animals were dumped along a highway with a bag of Ol’ Roy crap food, and left to fend for themselves. We’ve already transfered two dogs in from this dump, and 5 more are expected to come the first week in August. We are being told they are various poodle and dachshund mix pups.

Estimated Arrival - Mid to Late October

JANIE –  1 year old German Shepherd. Horribly emaciated and required emergency surgery for strangulated intestines.  ACTIVE FUNDRAISING IN PROGRESS! NEED TO RAISE $10,000-$15,000 just to pay for the emergency surgery! Please DONATE to help! 

Janie will be on Medical hold until further notice. 

As of 9/22/22, Pawsitive Restorations has FIFTEEN additional dogs in the queue to come into our program, with more requests coming in daily!  We cannot bring them in because we don’t have enough foster homes! If you have EVER thought about fostering an animal in need, and you live in the SE Aurora, Parker, Centennial area – PLEASE CONTACT US! Read about our FOSTER PROGRAM! Fostering an animal for PRAR costs you NOTHING. We pay for absolutely everything our animals need. You supply the snuggles and a loving, safe, temporary home.