The pets posted on this page are NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION YET!  We are either waiting for their arrival, or they are still on their 2-week wellness hold while we get to know them. We assess their temperaments, and work to get them completely vetted and ready for adoption. Watch our Facebook page CLOSELY to learn when these kiddos will become available for adoption!

We STRONGLY encourage folks to WAIT to apply for these dogs until you have read their complete bios, and have read what kind of home will suit them best.

Born in Rescue 10/4/22 - ON HOLD

Mama Moira was scheduled to die in an overcrowded animal shelter, simply because she was pregnant. Shelters CANNOT adopt out a pregnant mom. Their only options are a rescue that has space, or euthanasia. 

We were able to make room in our program for Moira, and after an unproductive labor, she delivered 8 beautiful babies via c-section on 10/4/22. Moira and her little treasures will be available around the second week in December.

ARRIVED - 10/19/22 - ON HOLD

TIMOTHY – 12(ish) week old Teacup Chihuahua. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. He’s too small to fully vet. 

ARRIVING 12/3/22

Allie and Vergil are 18 month old terrier mix kiddos. They are sweet as pie and should be available in about 2 weeks from arrival!

MAX is about a 5-6 month old, probably shepherd mix pup. WHAT A GOOD BOY HE IS! Like, OMG what a sweet, gentle kiddo! 

MAUI is a 1 year old Australian Mountain Doodle FI. He is such a good boy! 

P.R.A.R. has a waiting list of dogs to come into our program. We are currently having to turn away 20-40 direct requests PER DAY!   We cannot bring them in because we don’t have enough foster homes! If you have EVER thought about fostering an animal in need, and you live in the SE Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Castle Rock areas – or are willing to travel to SE Aurora for vetting/adoptions – PLEASE CONTACT US! Read about our FOSTER PROGRAM! Fostering an animal for PRAR costs you absolutely NOTHING. The rescue pays for absolutely everything our animals need. You supply the snuggles and a loving, safe, temporary home. Please help us to save these animals, it takes a village!
Conversely, if you ADOPT a dog from PRAR, you will help to make room in our program to save another dog! It’s a win-win!