Meet some of the folks who make the magic happen! Our team of animal warriors work hard day in and day out to make sure our orphans are living blessed lives, getting the very best AHAA accredited medical care, and are loved like they never knew possible. We are here to right the most unfathomable wrongs, done to the most innocent of creatures.

Krissy Mosbarger

Founder / executive director

About our Founder: Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue was founded by Krissy Mosbarger in 2016. Krissy has been saving animal lives since she could walk. She has lived a life of dedication and service to furry friends with no voice. She has worked diligently to save and help rehabilitate animals from helpless kittens to the King of the Jungle! She finally succumbed to her passion and created and formalized an incredible, ethical animal rescue, Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue. It was her goal and passion to create an organization where the animals come first, ALWAYS. A place where the animals are #WorthIt, and the rescue motto is, “If they’re fighting – we’re fighting with them!” Krissy has built an amazing team of like-minded, experienced volunteers to help run and guide P.R.A.R. to higher expectations than what is currently deemed “acceptable” by many animal welfare organizations. Krissy's personal areas of expertise are: • Extensive high-risk mid-woofery experience. (whelping/birth) • Bottle/tube feeding/neonate care • Home hospitalization under the guidance of our veterinarians • Wound management • Rehabilitation/Recovery • Parvovirus specific treatment and recovery • Infectious disease management • Outbreak management and prevention • Graduate of the “Fear Free Shelter Program” • Certified Veterinary Infection Preventionist. • All areas of business and operational management

Sue Kervis

Adoption Director

Sue Kervis is our Adoption Director. Originally from Boston, MA, she has been with Pawsitive Restorations since 2019. She has been working in the animal welfare field for over 20 years, beginning as a teenage volunteer at animal shelters. She has extensive experience as a former veterinary technician and dog trainer. “Working in rescue gives me the chance to see firsthand how all of the hard work pays off. It’s amazing to see how far these animals come from when we first bring them in to the rescue. They overcome situations that one would think there’s no way back from, and because of the love and attention they receive here at P.R.A.R., they are slowly able to trust people again. That’s what really inspires me about this line of work.” Sue lives in Aurora with her fiancée Jason and their three dogs, Ella, Jill and Molly.

Angie Roberts

Foster Coordinator

I have been volunteering in rescue for about 5 years and have been with PRAR for about 3 1/2 years. I am also a dog walker/pet sitter and have a house full of my own furry babies. It is fair to say that my life revolves around the furry kind. I've always been a huge animal lover and advocate. I even rescued my first animal at the age of 8. ❤️

Kristie Akins


I have had animals my entire life. As an adult I have had dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits! A few years ago my husband and I embraced a career change and a lot of my time was freed up, so I figured that my dog (Harley) and I needed some adventure in our lives! I have been with PRAR since January of 2022 and it has been such a wonderful experience! I just love helping to find homes for so many wonderful deserving dogs, and knowing that I am making a difference and saving lives! I've met some amazing friends along this path and look forward to helping the rescue grow and save more and more precious innocent lives!

Cathy Isaac


I love fostering pups and dogs through Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue because I know that in some small way I am making a difference in each of these animals' lives. I love taking care of these little ones until they get to their furever homes. Even though I cry when each of them leave me, it is a mixture of happy and sad tears. I am also able to instill in my grandchildren the importance of service to others. And, quite honestly, I get much more out of this than I give. It fills me with joy!

Kelsey Moon


I have always been an animal lover ever since I was a kid. Over the last decade, I have added 3 dogs to my home, one of which was a foster fail and parvo survivor. I want to help in any way that I can to keep dogs off the streets and safe and happy.

Trisha Peterson


I volunteer because I love animals and want to help provide a wonderful future for these little loves. It is so rewarding to foster or volunteer, but my heart hurts each time I have to say “good-bye” to a foster. That is why I have two “foster fails”!

Judieth Eyre


I volunteer to help with improving an animals' life, in the hopes of providing a gentle transition to a loving forever home!

Sara Whitaker


I have always wanted to help animals. I finally found the time in my life to do it! I love that PRAR helps so many dogs in need and specifically pregnant moms who have nowhere to go and no one to help them through the process. I am truly excited when I process applications and see how much these people want a dog in their life and how excited they are at the prospect and the eventual adoption. I am so relieved every single time we find a dog their forever home. It may sound corny but it warms my heart like nothing else can! ❤ I love what I can give every time that I give it.

Michelle FrEItas


Hi, my name is Michelle Freitas. I have been passionate about animals my entire life. I come from a family of animal lovers who all go above and beyond to care for animals. I guess you could say it’s just part of my DNA! Over the years I’ve personally rescued and rehabbed injured wildlife (I’m that crazy lady who stops to help turtles cross the road), along with dogs, cats, hamsters, birds - you name it and chances are I’ve taken one in and loved it. I especially love dogs! I wanted to make an impact on the homeless and unwanted pet problem. My family and I decided that we would open our home and hearts to fostering. I’m proud to be part of this organization and hope that I can make a difference by saving lives.

Kelli Shaw


It’s true 😆 I love dogs & most people, not so much. The dogs don’t have anyone to speak for them, so we have to. I LOVE the bottle babies 🥰 it’s hard but so very worth it. I’d go to jail for a dog... no question... if I saw something in person that was a dog being hurt or abused I’d most certainly throw fists! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Dogs are the purest form of love🥰& I love P.R.A.R. because they seriously WALK THE WALK! They take on the worst of the worst & do everything possible to see that they are given a chance & love. {Kelli is one of our "feet-on-the-ground" rescuers and foster moms in OK. Often first on scene to save an animal from a horrible situation!}

Dani DeFever


Dani is one of our "feet-on-the-ground" volunteers and foster moms in Oklahoma. She is often the first on scene to secure animals in dangerous situations, and to get them to our vets for initial vetting.  Dani keeps our kiddos safe and healthy until their flights can be arranged, then transports to our awaiting airplanes. Dani's life goal is to pet ALL the dogs, and she's well on her way!