The pets below are NOT AVAILABLE for adoption – so please do not apply for them.  These are kiddos currently in our care who are being treated for various illness/injuries, or who are busy raising their angel babies ♥ Watch our website and our Facebook page to learn when we will start accepting applications for them. 

Your donations to P.R.A.R. help us to care for these special cases, most of which often cost the rescue several THOUSANDS of dollars. We appreciate all the help we can get to give our orphans the very best care available! ♥

Lil tiny Tippy came into rescue a hot mess! She arrived coughing/sneezing, obese, burn marks all over her back, 3 bum legs and turning purple! Her first day here landed her in TWO hospitals, getting an echocardiogram and subsequent oxygen chamber therapy. She had a severely collapsing trachea and when she gets excited or has a sneezing fit she turns purple again! We are putting Tippy in the oxygen chamber as needed to meet her oxygen needs . She will be seeing Dr. Dave at Sano hospital for xrays on her legs and teeth, as he believes her teeth are causing the repetitive sneezing. Tippy’s burns all along her back are healing nicely and the hair is starting to grow back in.  Tippy is a doll-baby! A lick-a-lotamus who loves her people, and loves to snuggle! The only thing she loves more than people is FOOD! She’s on a diet tho, so we have to be stingy with the treats. She came in weighing 5 and a half pounds. She is down to 4lbs 8oz as of this writing and she could probably stand to lose another .5 to 1lb to get her in proper shape. We’re working on it!

*** PUPDATE*** Tippy has had her FIRST of several needed surgeries. We removed her upper Canine teeth on 4/19/22. Thank goodness this has resolved her oxygen issues and she’s not turning purple anymore WOOHOO! Now, we concentrate on weight loss. Tippy needs to lose more weight to prepare her for surgeries to both of her hind legs… This will be tough. TIPPY IS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

** PUPDATE 8/30/22 ** Her bloodwork all looks good – but Tippy has some BIG problems in her tiny little legs. Both of her patellas are badly luxated, one elbow is dislocated, and as a cherry on top, she has a torn ACL and TWO previous breaks that were never treated! Tippy will require multiple surgeries to help her gain mobility. Did you know, that she got her name because she tips over sometimes when she walks? Her 1st surgery on Sept 27th will cost approximately $2,000 – $2,500. Her second surgery is guessed to be about the same. We have raised about $1200 so far! Please consider a tax deductible donation to help Tippy! 

*** PUPDATE 10/8/22 ***  Tippy has completed her first leg surgery. By the Grace of God, (and a very special angel who loves Tippy) we raised enough money to cover THAT surgery. Dr. Fick worked long and hard on Tippy’s right leg to repair multiple issues. She will spend the next 8 weeks recovering from this surgery before we go back in to address the multitude of issues in her left leg. 

***PUPDATE 11/15/22*** Tippy’s follow-up xrays show that she is healing well! She is gaining a little bit of mobility, and is ready for the left leg surgery. That surgery will be performed on 12/20/22. FUNDING IS NEEDED!

Due to Tippy’s extensive medical needs, she will remain in rescue indefinitely. You can follow Tippy’s story in depth by clicking this link to view her Rescue Stories Page


Tiny Tippy has SEVERAL thousands of dollars tied up in her broken little body. As of 11/16/22 her veterinary costs alone have just surpassed $4000, and we still have 3 surgeries to go! Those surgeries are estimated to cost at least another $3000. Tippy needs sponsors to help cover these needed surgeries to gain her mobility.  If you are able to make a one time, or recurring donation, we could sure use the help! 

TIMOTHY - Teacup Chihuahua - ON HOLD

15 oz Timothy was found dumped in Oklahoma. He arrived to us on 10/19/22. Although we believe him to be about 12 weeks old on arrival, he cannot be adopted out until he is fully vetted. He cannot BE fully vetted until this lil’ thing puts on quite a bit more weight. 

**PUPDATE 11/27/22** Timothy is weighing in at just under 3 pounds. FINALLY… He’s getting somewhere! Still no ETA for when he will be ready for adoption. 

♥ MOIRA - Maternity Hold

MOIRA is about a 3 yr old, possibly Shih-tzu/Chihuahua mix who was euthanasia listed in an OKC animal shelter. Shelters cannot adopt out pregnant/nursing moms. It’s illegal to do so. Without rescues and foster homes, these moms and babies are dying. Please ask us about becoming a PRAR foster home!

Moira required a Cesarean Delivery for her 8 precious babies. The babies appear to have Shih-tzu/Poodle traits.  Everyone is doing great so far! Moira and her youngins will be available for adoption around the 2nd week in December. You can follow their updates on our Facebook page!


Millie -10 month old Labradoodle Female. MEDICAL HOLD - Heartworm Positive

During her pre-flight check-up with our vets in Oklahoma, we discovered that Millie is heartworm positive. Because we test EVERY dog over the age of 6 months, we are able to catch and correct these killer parasites before our dogs go to their forever homes. Unfortunatey, this means a very long, expensive, and often painful treatment for poor Millie. Her treatment has begun, and will take several more months. Heartworm treatment can cost several thousand dollars, especially for a big girl like Millie.

Millie needs sponsors for her care and treatment! If you are able to help with even a small DONATION toward Millie’s treatment, I just know she (and we) would be so very grateful! 

Please, folks, get your dogs on Heartworm Preventatives!

MERCY was scheduled to die in a Texas shelter on 11/30. She was found abandoned, malnourished, horribly dehydrated, and with a GAPING HOLE in her abdomen. We pulled Mercy from the shelter and got her into our vets immediately for emergency surgery. She has been hospitalized for 3 days at this point. Fundraising is ONGOING for Mercy! Will update this further at a later date.  Please help us to help her if you are able.

The animals on this page typically cost several THOUSANDS of dollars in medical care. Without donations, we cannot take on the animals who need us most. Please help us to help them by making a tax deductible donation to Pawsitive Restorations today!