The pets below are NOT AVAILABLE for adoption – so please do not apply for them.  These are kiddos currently in our care who are being treated for various illness/injuries, or who are busy raising their angel babies ♥ Watch our website and our Facebook page to learn when we will start accepting applications for them. 

Your donations to P.R.A.R. help us to care for these special cases, most of which often cost the rescue several THOUSANDS of dollars. We appreciate all the help we can get to give our orphans the very best care available! ♥

♥ Tippy - 8 to 10 yr-old teacup Chihuahua - Medical Hold

Lil tiny Tippy came into rescue a hot mess! She arrived coughing/sneezing, obese, burn marks all over her back, 2 bum knees, and turning purple! Her first day here landed her in TWO hospitals, getting an echocardiogram and subsequent oxygen chamber therapy. She had a severely collapsing trachea and when she gets excited or has a sneezing fit she turns purple again! We are putting Tippy in the oxygen chamber as needed, and she is needing it less and less! She is now going weeks at a time with no O2 therapy! She will be seeing Dr. Dave at Sano hospital for xrays on her knees and teeth, as he believes her teeth are causing the repetitive sneezing. Tippy’s burns all along her back are healing nicely and the hair is starting to grow back in.  Tippy is a doll-baby! A lick-a-lotamus who loves her people, and loves to snuggle! The only thing she loves more than people is FOOD! She’s on a diet tho, so we have to be stingy with the treats. She came in weighing 5lbs, 3oz. She is down to 4lbs 12oz as of this writing and she could probably stand to lose another .5 to 1lb to get her in proper shape. We’re working on it!

*** PUPDATE*** Tippy had her dental surgery to remove her two upper Canine teeth on 4/19/22. Thank goodness this has resolved her oxygen issues and she’s not turning purple anymore WOOHOO! 

Her bloodwork all looks good – but Tippy has some BIG joint issues in her tiny little body. Both of her patellas are badly  luxated, one elbow is also out, and as a cherry on top, she has a torn ACL.  Due to Tippy’s extensive medical needs, she will be staying in rescue as a “Fospice” case. We will keep her comfortable and well cared for, for the rest of her life. 

♥ Maggie - 2 yr-old Basset Hound Mix - Medical & Materinty

Maggie and her 10, yes, TEN newborns were set to die in Texas. Maggie is heartworm positive. Heartworms are expensive to treat, (avg. $1600) and take about 6 months to treat AFTER the babies are weaned. A lot of rescues won’t/can’t take on that sort of commitment, so we scooped up this little family before the needle could claim them. Maggie’s babies have all been posted for adoption! She is finished raising them.  Maggie will stay in rescue while she undergoes the painful treatment to rid her body of the deadly worms.

** PUPDATE ** Maggie has begun the long process of removing the heartworms from her body. We’ll keep you all posted.

♥ Maximillion - 10 week old French Bulldog - Medical Hold

8 week old Max was ordered to be euthanized after his owners purchased him from a back-yard breeder who did not disclose his grave medical condition. Max has a Persistent Right Aortic Arch with secondary Megaesophagus. Heart surgery will be required to save Max’s life. Follow his story on our Facebook page, and check here for updates. 

Max had surgery to repair his PRAA on May 18th at CSU. Total surgery cost was $2600. We are still raising funds to cover this bill. Max has had some minor complications and is currently in medical foster as he heals, and as the Megaesophagus hopefully resolves. 

The animals on this page typically cost several THOUSANDS of dollars in medical care. Without donations, we cannot take on the animals who need us most. Please help us to help them by making a tax deductible donation to Pawsitive Restorations today!