Your donations make it possible for us to help animals who have no one and nowhere to go. Without you, we can’t help them!

Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue is a PACFA licensed, 501c3 nonprofit, foster-based animal rescue in S.E. Aurora, CO that relies solely community support and donations from animal-loving individuals and businesses to save the lives of hundreds of animals each year. We graciously accept monetary, supply, equipment, land grant, charitable bequest, vehicle, and service donations!

  • $60.00 covers a veterinary office visit (exam only)
  • $25.00 covers a health certificate – required for each animal we save from outside Colorado.
  • $15.00 covers ONE DaPPv or ONE Bordetella Vaccine. Puppies require multiple boosters
  • $22.00 covers a Rabies vaccine
  • $15.00 covers one Microchip
  • $100-$200 covers a Spay/Neuter
  • $50.00 covers a CBC blood work panel
  • $48.00 covers a Heart worm/Tick-born illness test
  • $180.00 covers a pregnancy x-ray
  • $800-$1,500 covers a pyometra spay
  • $50 covers one parvo test
  • $70 covers one giardia test
  • $50 covers one fecal exam
  • $3000 – $6000 covers treatment for ONE parvo puppy

In addition to the medical expenses listed, we also have to pay for:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Medications/Dewormers (almost every animal has medical needs)
  • Toys/support items for mental stimulation
  • Tracking & trapping equipment
  • General Supplies & equipment (crates, pens, bowls, medical supplies, puppy pads, administrative and office supplies, etc)
  • Behavioral analysis, training, and reconditioning. (We help those who’ve been severely traumatized, both physically and emotionally)

…and whatever else THEY need to help them become the very best they can be!

There are multiple ways to send us a much needed monetary donation! 

  • Click the link above to enter a credit card number or paypal
  • Consider a recurring monthly donation! Every little bit helps!
  • Send us a donation through Venmo to – @pawsitive-restorations
  • Contact us for a mailing address to send a check