In addition to monetary support, we are  ALWAYS in need of specific tangible items. We maintain an “ Wish List” and a “ Wish List” of specific items needed at various intervals. If an item is on the list, we currently have a need for that item! We welcome donations of new toys, crates, carriers, dog pens, yards of fleece, and puppy pads continuously. We feed Diamond Naturals brand kibble, and Purina Pro Plan wet puppy food. We cannot accept donations of expired or opened bags/cans of food. Donations made to Pawsitive Restorations of items that we do not currently need will be donated to partner animal rescue organizations and local animal shelters.

Please contact us for donation drop off information!


Make Us Your Amazon Smile Charity Of Choice

Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue saves the lives of HUNDREDS of animals each year! Saving these precious lives costs an exhorbitant amount of money and we are struggling to keep up with the demand. We are asking our Rescue Village to please support P.R.A.R. by signing up for Amazon Smile and choosing Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue as your charity of choice. Amazon will make a very small donation from select every day purchases to the rescue. It costs you nothing but about 5 minutes of your time, and you can help support our mission while you do your regular shopping!

Simply click the link to go to the Amazon Smile and log in to your Amazon account. Select Pawsitive Restorations as your charity and that’s it! If you do your shopping via your mobile device, please open the app – go to settings – click on Amazon Smile – and turn on Charitible Giving on your device to ensure the rescue is benefitting from your purchases. Thank you for taking this small step to help us help even more at-risk animals!

Donate Supplies From Our Amazon Wishlist

Dogs gotta eat folks! And when they eat, they poop. A LOT! We are constantly in need of various items, including food,  supplements, toys, medical supplies and potty pads! We maintain an Amazon wishlist for any items we currently have a need for, and greatly appreciate when our village of animal-lovers send an item or two from that list!  Click the link to go directly to our wishlist!

Donate Supplies from our Chewy Wishlist

It’s never been easier to give back! Help our animals in need by shopping our Wish List on Chewy to donate much-needed pet food and supplies directly to our organization. Click the link to donate today! #ChewyGivesBack

Donate A Vehicle

Our rescue is currently trying to acquire a safe, reliable transport van. The reality is that a vehicle, such as the Sprinter Van pictured here could catapult our “saved animal” numbers exponentially! With this valuable tool, we can be ready to mobilize immediately to respond to disaster areas and to assist law enforcement agencies with emergency seizures of neglected and abused animals in hoarding situations. In addition to that, we would be well equipped to make transports to our under-served partner shelters in surrounding states to swoop up the animals who are next to die on the euthanasia list.

We are working hard to save funds to purchase a Sprinter Van, but at an average cost of $65,000 (before customizing to make it safe for animal transport) The “van fund” has a REALLY long way to go. We would love to partner with a local dealership who would work with us on cost , or even donate a van to the rescue.  Can you even IMAGINE how many more lives we could save?

Make No-Sew Fleece Tie Blankets

Making a comfort blanket for a pet going through a lot of stress, does not need to be expensive, difficult, or require a lot of time. There’s also no need to take up knitting or crocheting. Tied-fleece blankets are loved by the shelters and pets alike. They are soft & thick, bright & colorful and easy to keep clean. Try one yourself and you just may pick up a new hobby!

Every single P.R.A.R. animal gets their very own blanky to snuggle with and keep, so we are always in need of blankets! This is a perfect project for kids who want to be involved in rescue, scouts, or even seniors! We also accept these blankets sewn for those folks who don’t want to , (or can’t) tie the knots. Blankets should be made with new fleece only, 2 layers thick, and can be of various sizes, because pets come in ALL sizes too! has a wonderful tutorial on how to quickly create these much needed, and appreciated blankets.

Hold A Supply Drive

A great project for scouts, schools, and clubs is to host a donation supply drive for the rescue! If there’s one thing we always need, it’s ALL. THE. THINGS! Literally…  everything! We go through so many supplies, so often that it seems we are constantly begging for help from our animal-loving community. When we receive these cherished supplies as donations, we don’t have to purchase them. That means we can put our money to better use, which is usually veterinary bills. $$$  If your group is interested in hosting a supply drive for P.R.A.R. please contact us, and we will put you in touch with our community coordinator and get the ball rolling!

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Two weeks before your birthday, you will see a message from Facebook in your News Feed giving you the option to create a fundraiser for your birthday. You can create a fundraiser for Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue for fundraising on Facebook. Your friends will receive a notification inviting them to support our cause in honor of their friend’s special day.

Put A Donation Box At Your Place Of Business

A donation box is a great way to bring in a little extra cash for the rescue! If you have a high traffic local business, we would love to put one of our donation boxes in your building!

Show your customers that you support your friendly neighborhood animal rescue, and give them a way to help, too! If you would like us to drop off a donation box at your place of business, please contact us right away.

Employee Matching Gifts Programs

Employee Matching Gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations. When an employee makes a donation, they’ll request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their own donation.

Ask if your employer matches gifts today!

Help Us To Network The Animals On Social Media

Every single person on social media can help the rescue animals monumentally if you just do THREE easy things!

  • Like/Love our posts. 
  • Comment on our posts (even better to tag a friend!)
  • SHARE our posts!

That’s it folks! Algorithms are funny things. The more “likes, comments, and shares” a post gets, the more the platform sees that post as being, ‘IMPORTANT’  The more important the post is in the eyes of the bots, the MORE THE POST IS SEEN. The more the post is seen, the more animals we find homes for. The more animals we find homes for, THE MORE ANIMALS WE CAN SAVE! It’s as simple as that folks! 

Shop at!

New customers who shop on using our referral link, will earn P.R.A.R. $15.00 that we can use towards caring for our orphans! If you haven’t yet tried Chewy for pet food and supplies, PLEASE DO! You can order your pet’s food (often cheaper than big box stores) and put your order on auto-ship. Chewy will automatically send your pet’s food each month, leaving you with one less thing to worry about! Please check them out and use this link to earn your friendly neighborhood animal rescue some much needed cash!