You just adopted your best friend... NOW WHAT?

YOU are a ROCK STAR! Thank you for making the choice to ADOPT! We hope you find the resources on this page useful and helpful as you begin your journey with your new friend. 

First: Read (and print) the PRAR Adoption Support & Care Guide

Please read our expansive Adoption Support & Care guide, designed to help your new rescue pet transition seamelessly into their new home. ♥ You may download the Care Guide at the bottom of the page, so that you can print it for quick reference!

If you are a veterinarian in the S.E. Aurora area, and would like to partner with an ethical rescue org that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our animals – please CONTACT US

Get Your Supplies From A Trusted Source!


4094 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

You need supplies for your new pet. we have your dealer! pet palace has been a staple in CO for nearly 30 years! The owners are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They stock a full range of the specific foods that we feed our dogs, and are happy to help you select everything you need to keep your new friend happy and healthy – for the rest of their lives! PRAR  works closely with the owners of Pet Palace, and know that they have everything our adopters could ever want & need. As an added bonus, if you tell them that you adopted a PRAR pet, you will get 10% off your entire purchase. #SupportLocal ♥

Training & Behaviorists

Get Your Sit Together

Dog Training & Behaviorist


Cell Phone: 720-595-7272 (TEXT ONLY)


The Mutt Master

Deb Nabb


Keeping Your New Puppy Safe

There are LOTS of things to remember to keep your wee one safe when you adopt a new puppy. First – THEY’RE GROUNDED! Remember, “Paws Off The Ground!”  We go over the key points here… Read More



Keeping Your New Adult Dog Safe

There are LOTS of things to remember to keep your newly adopted adult dog safe. First – THEY’RE GROUNDED! Remember, “NO walks for 2 weeks!”  We go over the key points here… Read More

Dog Enrichment Toys and Tools

These are the toys and tools that P.R.A.R. routinely uses to keep our dogs enriched! A bored dog can be a destructive dog, so please click here to see some of our tried and true enrichment tools!  Read More

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

There are many fun things to do with your dog. Here are some examples of activities you can enjoy with your canine friend… Read More

House Training a Dog

When you get a new puppy or dog, you’ll need to show him or her what is acceptable in your home. Here are some great ideas… Read More

Introducing Dogs to Each Other

Properly introducing your current dog to your new dog is imperative for a positive experience and to keep everyone safe… Read More

Successfully Introducing Cats and Kittens to Dogs

Many dogs and cats can live harmoniously together if introduced properly and supervised appropriately. Whether you’re adding a new cat or a new dog to your household, the top priority is always safety… Read More

Dog Bites Child: How to Prevent This Scenario

Proper training and management of both children and dogs can prevent tragedies from ever happening… Read More

Crate Training: The Benefits for You and Your Dog

Dogs are hard-wired by their genetic history to be den animals. A den is a small, safe, well-defined space. It is a place in which dogs feel instinctively safe. It is also a place that they instinctively avoid soiling… Read More

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