Foster a pet and save a life (or two or more).

One great thing that Covid brought us is the “Work-From-Home” option! Man, what a great time to foster a pet in need!

Opening your home to a foster pet saves lives, plus it frees up space in overcrowded animal shelters for another pet to be saved. Fostering a pet, whether for days, weeks or months may be short-term, but the results are long lasting — not only to the pet, but to you, too. Studies have shown that having a furry friend around can reduce anxiety and help relieve stress — not to mention that these furry little balls of “happy” can brighten even the dreariest of days.

Here are just a few ways fostering helps.

  • A shelter can be a noisy, stressful place, especially for shy and frightened animals. Providing a loving, quiet, safe space goes a long way toward preparing an animal for adoption.
  • Orphaned or newborn animals, as well as those with special medical needs or behavioral challenges, benefit greatly from the one-on-one attention they receive in a loving foster home. 
  • Fostering helps pets get accustomed to life in a home, smooths their way toward adoption and helps set them up for success in their forever homes.
  • If you’re thinking about adopting a cat or dog, fostering is a great way to find out if an animal is a good fit for you and your family. Our foster families who foster a pet get first dibs on the animal they’re fostering (after fostering at least 5 pets).
Check out our resource page to learn more about the benefits of fostering and to access a comprehensive list of fostering FAQs and guiding information.

Please watch this special video about our Foster Program

Ready to start fostering?

It is IMPERATIVE that PRAR maintains an expansive team of approved foster homes who are at the ready to receive dogs. Typically dogs will arrive within 1-2 weeks of you committing to foster them, but we will have only MINUTES to a couple of hours to find a foster home to commit to them before they are euthanized. On occasion, we may have an emergency intake who needs placement same day. Without an approved pool of foster homes ready for action, we cannot save those animals. We cannot commit to saving any animal unless we have a foster home in place for that dog prior to us telling our shelter partners that we can take the animal. Once we have a confirmed foster home, we will immediately tag and save the dog.

We will NEVER force an animal upon you. When a need arises, we will post in our foster messenger group and ask for a foster home to step up for a specific animal. Most often, we need a response and commitment immediately.

You choose WHO to foster, and WHEN to foster. 

Have you previously had a bad experience fostering?

Pawsitive Restoratios is NOT one of those “rescues” who does only the bare minimum (if that) to move animals through the system in search of profit. We genuinely love and care for every single animal who comes through our door, and we will do whatever we have to do to make sure our orphans get any medical care and support they might need. Our leadership team supports and includes our foster families, and ensures that our precious animals move on to only the most perfect home for them. If you have been burned by a puppy flipper rescue previously, (several of our fosters have) please read on. You, as a foster family are treasured, and important here. Your gift to these animals is appreciated! The PRAR team is a well-oiled family machine, and we work TOGETHER to save the lives of our orphans.



  1. Must be able to provide a safe, loving, secure home for your fosters until they find their forever home. (Typically 2-4 weeks).
  2. Should have previous foster, rescue, or pet ownership experience
  3. Must follow all rules and expectations outlined by the rescue for the safety and wellbeing of that animal
  4. Must have a fully fenced, secure, locked yard (with padlock on gates) to foster unvaccinated dogs.
  5. Must be willing & able to transport fosters to rescue or to vets in S.E. Aurora and in Parker, Co for care
  6. Attention to detail – As the foster mom or dad to our orphans, we rely on you to keep us apprised on how our babies are settling in, and any changes in health/behavior
  7. Fosters will be an integral part in placing animals with the right family
  8. Your current pets must be good with other animals, and they MUST be up to date on ALL vaccines and spayed or neutered. This is for THEIR safety, because we care about YOUR pets, too! ♥


  1. We supply EVERYTHING your foster dog/cat needs during the time they are in your care. (food, toys, medical care, preventatives, crates, leash, collar, etc)
  2. We cover ALL medical care for our kiddos at our approved veterinarians after we have authorized them to be seen and we have scheduled their appointments.
  3. Training – When you are onboarded with PRAR, your foster coordinator will sit down with you and go over our entire program with you! You will receive our Foster Handbook, detailing everything expected / allowed / precautions / etc. This handbook is exceedingly detailed and includes everything you need to know about fostering animals in need with PRAR.
  4. 24/7 Support from our family of fosters and our Leadership Team.
  5. RESPONSIVE, knowledgeable family/team at your service! ♥♥

If you are interested in becoming an approved foster home for Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue, or even just talking with someone about our Foster Program, please complete our Foster Application below.

Let's Save Lives Together!

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I have had the privilege of fostering with Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue and they have proved themselves to be the best in class. They have the animals best interest in mind, they care deeply about the fosters, the adopters, and all volunteers and supporters. They are extremely knowledgeable and have a streamlined and effective process in place. I would 100% recommend them if you are interested in fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating to this rescue. I only have pawsitive things to say about PRAR!
Jessica Y
PRAR Foster Mom