Mama Moira came to us on 9/24/22. She was a VERY pregnant small breed terrier mix who was at risk of euthanasia in an Oklahoma Animal Shelter. After obtaining X-rays, we discovered that little Moira was expecting EIGHT puppy nuggets! HOLY COW! With a litter this size, the possibility of Uterine Inertia during whelp is always a concern.  Uterine inertia is a condition in which the pregnant female dog is unable to birth her fetuses due to uterine muscle’s inability to contract and expel the puppies from the uterus.

After 32 hours of labor, it became clear that Moira was simply not going to be able to deliver her little family on her own. We packed her up and took her to Sano Hospital for Animals in Conifer, CO to see Dr. David Palmini. Doc did an internal exam, confirming that Moira’s cervix was dialated appropriately, but that she was in fact experiencing Uterine Inertia and a natural delivery would be impossible for this small girl. 

A cesarean section delivery was performed immediately, and the video for that surgery is below. We filmed 5 of the 8 babies being delivered, before we needed the camera person to jump in and help revive the sleeping puppies. Puppies born during a c-section are born under anesthesia and need lots of help to wake them up and get them breathing. It is an, “ALL HANDS ON DECK” situation! All eight of Moira’s beautiful babies survived, thanks to a knowledgeable rescuer who was closely monitoring her labor progression, and a skilled surgeon who jumped right in to get those babies out!

GRAPHIC - Moira's C-section video

Emergencies like Moira’s pop up all the time in rescue. We can’t help the animals who need us if we don’t have the funds in the bank to cover their often extraordinary medical costs. 

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This is Moira soon after she woke up and met her family for the first time. She looks stunned, doesn’t she? She was. Can you even imagine going to sleep a fat, single lady. Then you wake up wit a raging hangover, you are 40% lighter and you have EIGHT children screaming in your face? It took a few minutes for Moira to wrap her head around what the hell happened. Once she sobered up, she stepped right up and started being the best, most attentive mommy ever! ♥