23lb ‘Mercy’ was found abandoned outside of Amarillo,TX.  She was dehydrated and emaciated with a body score of 2/9. Mercy had a horrific, badly infected wound to her abdomen, guessed to be from an impalement injury that went untreated.

Mercy was cleared for euthanasia after serving a stray hold at the shelter for 4 days in this painful condition. 😔 An urgent, last minute plea went out for rescue. Pawsitive Restorations had Mercy pulled from the shelter immediately so that we could get her to the hospital for care. We didn’t know at the time how bad it was, or if we had gotten to her in time. 

When Mercy had finally been removed from the scary shelter and she was on her way to the hospital, she began to shed tears. Of course we can’t know for sure, but we imagine that these were tears of relief… because help was finally coming. ♥

Mercy spent 4 days in the ICU in Texas. She was gutted like a fish so that doctors could completely clean out the infection that was running rampant in her little 23 pound body. She was so dehydrated that she remained on IV fluids and antibiotics the entirety of her hospital stay. 

picking up mercy

When Mercy was finally released from the ICU, rescuers in two states scrambled to get her to her medical team in Colorado. One team picked her up from the hospital and got her straight to another vet in TX to get a rabies vaccine and a health certificate, which would allow us to bring her across state line. A beautiful transporter picked her up from that vet and drove her to Raton, NM where they met up with PRAR team members, Krissy and Jennifer. It was a long, cold night… but we FINALLY had our girl in our arms! We were finally bringing Mercy “home.”

Once we got Mercy home, we were able to really see the extent of her terrible condition. She was so skinny. She was so scared. She was still in quite a bit of pain from her surgery. It would take a lot of patience, love, and care to heal this little girl’s body and soul. Foster mom Jennifer was up for the challenge!

Mama Jennifer jumped in immediately with Mercy’s care. Mercy was oily and gross, but couldn’t have a bath. Jennifer gently cleaned her with safe wipes. She gave her gentle touch, calm, soothing speech, and a lot of positive reinforcement. Within a week, Mercy was asking to join the family, and meeting the other dogs in the home. Mercy was understanding that she is safe now.

Now that Mercy’s body had been nourished back to 30lbs, and she decided she loves everyone she meets, she had one more hurdle to climb before she would be ready to find her forever home. We had to repair the Cherry Eye in her right eye. We took her to Sano Hospital in Conifer, and let Dr. Dave work his magic! Another couple weeks of healing, and our girl would finally be ready for her happily ever after! 

After spending 40 days recovering from the injuries to her body and her soul… Mercy is finally ready to find her forever home ♥

Support RESCUES, my friends. They are doing amazing things!