How did our dogs get nearly cut in half?!

6 beautiful boxer/heeler mix babies were set to travel to CO on Dec. 14th, 2020 from OK. 3 coming to us at PRAR, and 3 going to our dear friends at LOLA’s Rescue. A couple days before transport we received word that the owner who was surrendering them to us had dropped 2 of them off at a hospital and surrendered ownership of them to the vet (because he didn’t want to pay the bill) with THE. MOST. HORRIFYING. WOUNDS. WE. HAVE. EVER. SEEN! We honestly don’t know how they survived the horrific damage to their tiny bodies 😭 We were told the dogs got “caught up” on their harnesses and were taken to the vet as soon as it was noticed. The doctor said the wounds were days old, as evidenced by the granulation in the skin. This means our babies were in this condition for DAYS! 🤬🤬 How do you have almost identical extreme wounds on two different dogs at the same time?! WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO OUR DOGS! Sadly, we will never know. We filed a report with the local authorities, but, (as per usual) no charges were filed.  Our first priority though, had to be with our injured babies. ❤
The babies, (Prince and Gracie) Were hospitalized in Oklahoma, as the rest of their siblings were transported to Colorado.  The prognosis was fair, but treatment and recovery were expected to take a LONG time. Our babies needed to be hospitalized for a about TWO WEEKS as doctors tried to figure out how the hell to put them back together!! Once they were stable, they were immediatly flown to CO where treatment and rehabilitation continued.
I know these images are hard to look at, trust me, I KNOW. All of us were physically sick  with what our babies were going through! But this kind of stuff NEEDS AWARENESS and it needs to stop! NOW!
If you have it on your heart to help dogs like Prince and Gracie, PRAR  would be eternally grateful. Donations are of course, TAX DEDUCTIBLE
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❤ Thank you for your grace and your help! ❤
Gracie arrived to Colorado and immediately saw Dr. Bos, at Happy Tails Veterinary Center in Aurora, where she was given a thorough evaluation and put on even more antibiotics.  After several weeks of home care, Gracie was healing up, and ready to show the world what an amazing little girl she was! Through everything she’d been through – this girl had such a beautiful soul, an amazing will to live, and a heart made to love. We are so proud of the young lady she had become, given the mountains she had to climb.