Matilda the “Love Pug,” also knows as Tilly or Tilda-Beast depending on the mood she was in 😂!  This tiny, darling little girl was hit by a car and then dropped of at a shelter that had no means with which to attend to her urgent medical needs.  Tilly was tagged from the shelter and had her eye removed while she was in NM. The vet who saw her said that her other injuries would heal with kennel rest and time. Boy, were they wrong! When Tilly arrived to us, her foot was horribly infected and putrid. Her pelvis was so badly fractured that she couldn’t even walk! She screamed in pain when anyone touched her. So, literally 5 minutes after her arrival we were in the car and on our way to Sano Hospital in Conifer, CO. Xrays would show that indeed her wounds would NOT heal themselves with time and rest. No sir! Tilly needed urgent surgery to repair her broken pelvis and antibiotics to start working on her badly infected toe, which would also require an amputation of the crushed digit. 

It was all hands on deck with the team at PRAR. We had to raise over $6000 quick, fast and in a hurry to save this dog’s life! Matilda would require a complicated surgery and a skilled orthopedic surgeon to take on the case. Krissy put the down payment out of her own savings account, while praying we would be able to raise the needed funds. – We hustled to put together a large online auction with items donated from our animal-loving village, and shared Tilly’s story far and wide. By the grace of God we were able to raise the remaining balance by the scheduled surgery date! ♥ 

Our first order of business was to let the Orthopedic Surgeon get in there and piece Tilly’s pelvis back together. The surgery took HOURS – Krissy was a wreck the whole time in case you were wondering!  After the surgeon was satisfied with the repair, Dr. Palmini attended to Tilly’s crushed toe, and made the repairs needed. 

Tilly was on very strict rest, and lots of really powerful pain medications for several weeks as we allowed the repairs to heal her little body. Throughout the entire process, our little Tilda-Beast was hard to keep down. Her spirit was that of a fighter! She wanted so badly to get up and PLAAAAY! 

Tilly’s recovery took months. But she was worth every minute and every penny spent. What a resilient, loving, determined, sweet little love of a dog! Our Love-Pug… Our Tilda-Beast. 

She is living her very best life with her adoptive parents – and this girl is spoiled all the way rotten! As it should be!