You wouldn’t know by looking at the photos above that this adorable little 12 pound dog had been so horribly neglected. His story has a happy ending, thankfully. A lot of them don’t. 

Wingnut was brought into a Kansas shelter with 4 pounds of fur matted so tightly to his skin that is was excruciating to even touch him. He wasn’t even recognizable as a dog! He had to be anesthetized, (knocked out) just to get the painful mats off. It took hours of meticulous grooming to free him from his prison.

This is Wingnut on the table anesthetized prior to shaving the painful mats off of his body. This is disgraceful!
This is Wingnut's face. You can barely make out his eye in the center. This cannot happen. We have to do better!

After he was completely shaved down, we found a timid, albeit adorable dog underneath. Still reeling from God only knows how long that it hurt for him to be touched, Wingnut flinched whenever anyone tried to pet him. 😔  It took several weeks of gentle caressing to help Wingnut understand that touch won’t hurt anymore. This boy FLEW out of his shell once he realized that the pain was gone, and it wasn’t coming back. He became so confident, playful and loving! Wingnut will never know this kind of neglect again. His new family is very familiar with grooming needs, and they love him SO very much! 

Pawsitive Restorations takes on a lot of really difficult, often very expensive medical cases. Saving these precious lives costs an exhorbitant amount of money and as a result, we are struggling to keep up with the demand. Please consider a tax deductible donation today, so that we can save more dogs like Wingnut tomorrow! ♥