PRAR foster families may, “check out” any of the enrichment tools below for up to 2 weeks, (as long as the tool isn’t currently checked out.) Tools must be returned within 2 weeks in the good, clean (sanitized) condition they were checked out in. These toys are for SUPERVISED use only with the dogs.  Your dogs won’t automatically know how to use these great enrichment tools, they will need both you AND their noses! These are fun, engaging tools that help dogs to focus and learn.  We recommend that you start with the easy/training tools, then trade them in every two weeks to level up!

Reach out to Krissy if you’d like to reserve any of our enrichment tools!

We are including links to purchase the items, in case you love them and want them for your own pets!

Mental exercise for dogs – The 101 best dog games for more agility, intelligence & fun – PAPERBACK 

Are you looking for suitable creative possibilities for activity for your beloved four-legged friend? Games are very important for dogs to stay physically and mentally fit. Your dog can do more than just give paw and needs an optimal amount of exercise.
There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your dog happy, healthy and fit for a long time. This dispels boredom and brings real pep into your everyday life and into the life of your furry nose.


OurPets IQ Treat Ball, Interactive Dog Toy & Dog Slow Feeder

MENTALLY STIMULATE YOUR DOG: These dog food & dog treat dispensing toys keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated while they play.

Dog Snuffle Mat Interactive Feed Game for Boredom, Encourages Natural Foraging Skills and Stress Relief for Small/Medium/Large Dogs

15 minutes of scent work on a snuffle mat is equivalent to a 1 hour walk. This tool is FABULOUS for puppies and adults alike. Get those foraging skills perfected with this easy to use enrichment tool!

Trixie Level 1 Windmill Treat Dispenser

Simply place treats inside any of the four beakers and once the windmill begins turning, the treats are released. To increase the difficulty, we’ve included two sets of lids – each with a different pattern of holes through which your dog must navigate the treat. Mix and match the lids for varying levels of difficulty. 

9 inch Plastic Training Cones

These cones are a great way to begin agility weave training!

TRIXIE Dog Activity Gambling Tower

TRIXIE strategy game provides mental stimulation for your dog, and brings parents and pets together for much needed bonding. Your dog can discover hidden treats through various opening techniques; from pulling drawers to lifting the cones.


This is a 48″ long, 5″ deep heavy plastic tub filled with about 200 plastic balls. This is great for nose work, as we toss a handful of kibble in and let the dogs’ noses do what they do! 

NOTE* Probably best for older puppies and adults. Puppies under 6 weeks use it as a litter box. 😂

AWOOF Snuffle Mat – Durable Interactive Dog Toy Encourages Natural Foraging Skills

Sniffing is an important way for dogs to get to know the outside world. They “see” the world through their noses just like our see the world through our eyes.  A wonderful snuffle mat can encourage dogs’ natural instinct, let them have fun exploring.

Dog Puzzle Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment

This is a fun interactive puppy puzzle toy. Find food by sliding parts.




Who doesn’t love a tunnel?! Puppies and Kittens love them too! We have several different types of tunnels available for checkout at home base!




Who doesn’t love a fort?! Puppies and Kittens love them too! We have several different types of tunnels/forts available for checkout at home base!




Spread peanut butter (with no xylitol), or maybe some plain yogurt or applesauce, or mash a banana onto a lick mat to give your pups a fun treat that they have to work for! PRAR has several lick mats and lick bowls at home base to check out!



P.R.A.R. Custom Play Gyms

We custom make these incredible little play gyms from food grade PVC in bright colors to help our youngest pups develop important early fine motor skills, help develop vision, and to help build neuro pathways. 

We have 4 different configurations for our foster families with very young puppy litters

Level 2 - Intermediate

Outward Hound Indoor Dog Agility Training Kit
  • INDOOR PHYSICAL EXERCISE: The Zip & Zoom agility training set is the perfect way for your pup to stay active indoors and keep them physically healthy. Great for pups that are starting out and are new to agility training obstacles courses.
Dog Puzzle Promotes Brain Stimulation. Adjustable Height for Medium/Large Dog

HOW THIS DOG TREAT DISPENSER GAME WORKS: First the food is placed in the top round feeder. The dog must turn the slow feeder to get the food through the leakholes, then continue to search for food on bottom plate maze.

Turn Around Strategy Game

The TRIXIE Turn Around Strategy Game is the perfect game for small and middle sized dogs. The game is created for training the motor skills as well as the mental capacities.


Give your dog a fun challenge that will also stimulate its senses with this Paw Hide Dog Toy Puzzle. It features seven chambers that you can use to hide treats or food. Your dog must figure out how to lift each cup in order to reveal the tasty reward underneath.

Level 3 - Advanced

Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle

ADVANCED LEVEL FUN: The Nina Ottosson level 3 Dog Twister puzzle dog toy is designed for advanced levels of problem-solving play that challenge your dog with learning sequential steps. A fun way for your smart pups to train their brain while redirecting destructive or negative behavior in an exciting way!