Thalia is a gorgeous 3 month old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy available for adoption in Colorado at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue
  • Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • DOB: 6/25/23
  • Current Weight: 11lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • Estimated Adult Size: Medium
  • Microchipped
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Good with Dogs/Respectful Kids
  • Good with the friendly cat in the home

I’m being fostered in: S.E. Aurora, CO


  • Fully fenced, secure yard. (not fully vaccinated yet, so no shared outdoor space)
  • Priority will be given to a family with another friendly pooch for Mist to pal around with. 
  • No kids under 5

Thalia Can Go Home: NOW

Adoption Fee: $850

Thalia will require regular professional grooming for the rest of her life. Please keep this expense in mind prior to applying to adopt. 



Attention future paw-rents, we’ve got a four-legged superstar in the making, and her name is Thalia!  This 3-month-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is not just an adorable little pup; she’s a playful, friendly, happy bundle of joy who was rescued from a puppy mill and is now ready to embark on a lifetime of happiness with her forever family!

🐶 Thalia’s Highlights:

  • Looks: Thalia is a living, breathing ball of fluff, with eyes that can melt even the coldest hearts. Her soft coat and perky ears are nothing short of adorable.
  • Personality: She’s the definition of a happy pup! Thalia’s tail is her personal pom-pom, always ready to cheer you on. She’s a lover of cuddles, belly rubs, and lots of  playtime puppy antics.
  • Background: Rescued from a puppy mill, Thalia is now savoring the freedom to be a carefree pup. Every day is a new adventure, and she’s looking for someone to share it with! Going bye-bye in the car? GREAT! Thalia loves to go bye bye with her favorite hoomans! 

🎾 Playtime is Thalia’s Specialty:

  • Toys: Thalia is a toy connoisseur. From squeaky toys to chewy bones, she’ll turn playtime into a symphony of joy.
  • Swimming Pool: Yes, you read that right! Thalia is a water-loving pup. Her own mini swimming pool is her kingdom of splashes and giggles.

🏡 What Thalia Desires in Her Forever Home: Thalia is on the lookout for a family that understands the magic of puppyhood. Potty training is still a work in progress, but with your love and patience, she’s sure to master it in no time. She would love a home with other friendly dogs to pal around with, and hoomans who will give her the time, attention and enrichment that new puppies need. 

KNOWN HISTORYThis precious kiddo was surrendered to rescue by a commercial kennel. These dogs were nothing more than a number in their previous lives, but their lives changed forever the day they were surrendered to PRAR! They’ve spent their time with us living in wonderful, loving foster homes learning what it’s like to be genuinely loved. ❤️

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Thalia’s adoption fee is $850. Her adoption fee includes spay, microchip with free lifetime registration, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormers, and 30 days of medical insurance. She will come home with a hobo bag of things to help her get started in her new furever home. You can apply to welcome her into your family by completing an adoption application below.

Please understand that adopting from P.R.A.R. means FOREVER. Please do NOT apply if you do not have the time to properly train and exercise a dog (now and in the future) or if you do not meet the minimum adoption requirements for the dog in which you are applying.

About this breed:

Sturdy and fun loving, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a friend to one and all. They’re relatively easygoing for a terrier, need a moderate amount of exercise, and can make a great family dog. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, often referred to simply as the “Wheaten,” hails from Ireland. They were originally bred as versatile farm dogs, serving as all-around working dogs on Irish farms. These affectionate pups love just about everybody they meet. They’re even good for first-time pet parents. This is, of course, great news for any future pet parents thinking of adding a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy to their home. But beware: that soft, silky coat needs a lot of grooming, and the Wheaten can occasionally be hard headed when it comes to training. They also need a couple short walks and play sessions each day to stay happy and healthy. Meet the breed’s needs, and you’ll have a loving pup who will be popular with everyone!

Please read each question carefully and answer with as much detail and information as possible! If you don’t, you will likely be skipped over for someone who did.

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