Adopter Home Visit Guidelines

Thank you for helping to ensure that our beloved orphans are going to healthy, safe, and appropriate homes!
Prior to you contacting the adopter, we have already spoken to them about what we are looking for at the home visit. (Fence in good repair with no gaps/holes/etc. where the dog can fit their head through). We have already explained the need for a padlock, and that they must have one installed. (Krissy will advise you of any exceptions to this rule prior to sending you the applicant’s info). We have explained that there should be no dangerous debris, chemicals or materials in the yard. 
We have NOT warned them about tethering devices (tie outs, chains, long leashes, etc). If you see one in the yard, do not say anything to the adopter, simply note it on the form and make sure to let Krissy know specifically that one was seen. Photos or screen grabs would be great!

Contact the potential adopter right away.

  1. Time is of the essence! Please call/text the adopter right away and schedule a time (during the day) that you can do the visit either virtually or in person. Home visits should be completed within 24-48 hours of you agreeing to perform it in most circumstances.
  2. Remind them again that you will be looking specifically for a padlock (combination or key-lock is ok) on any gates leading into their yard. Many people will need to go purchase one and it must be on the gate at the time of inspection or the home visit will not pass. Ask them to have a tape measure handy to measure any gaps or fence height if you have concerns about them.
  3. LOOK AT THE PET TO BE ADOPTED ON THE WEBSITE, or ask Krissy about this pet’s size prior to the home visit so that you will know when a hole or gap is big enough for the pet to fit their head/body through.
*** If you are performing the home visit in-person: Do not park in the driveway. Always park on the street unless specifically instructed by adopter to pull into driveway.
*** If you are performing a virtual home visit, you MUST have the applicant show you the house numbers on the home at the start of your inspection to verify they are at the home listed on their application!

During The Home Visit:

  1. Identify yourself as a representative of Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue and that you will be conducting their home visit to adopt (name of dog).
  2. Learn the home visit checklist! You can download a .pdf copy of the home visit form to print for reference on the VOLUNTEER PORTAL page of the website.  There are specific things we are looking for. The adopter does not need to see or sign the form.
  3. We aren’t here to judge house-keeping skills, but if you see ANYTHING that sends up a red flag, please note it on the application and bring it to Krissy’s attention right away. A house cluttered with toys is one thing, hoarding and living in filth is another. We are looking to make sure our babies are in a healthy, SAFE, appropriate home. Use good judgement. Would you let your children play there?
  4. If they have pets currently, ask to see them! Note number, species and breed on the form. Do they look healthy? Happy? Well cared for? Are the pets obese and look as though they never get a walk?
  5. Please walk (or have them walk the phone) around the ENTIRE perimeter of the yard – S.L.O.W.L.Y. We need to see ALL OF IT. Have them go slow so you can get a very good look. If you notice any gaps at the bottom, holes or broken pickets, please measure it or have them measure it. As a general rule, if the dog can fit their head through it, they can wiggle their body through it. If a gap or hole large enough for this pet to fit their head into is noted, it must be fixed and they must prove that repairs have been made via VIDEO of that same yard within the time period agreed allotted. (within 5 days maximum, preferably 1 or 2 days). If they are not willing to make the repairs, they will not be permitted to adopt the dog. If you have questions about whether something is acceptable, please take photos and text to Krissy right away. We can usually get everything settled and situated quickly.
  6. Ask if they have gotten their supplies for their new addition. If so, ask to see them. They don’t always have everything at this time, and that’s okay.
  7. If they have other pets, we STRONGLY encourage them to get a crate to keep animals safely separate when no one is home, and to help continue crate training.
  8. If you see a tie out/tethering device. Do not say anything to the adopter, just note the form, grab a screen shot or photo, and make sure to bring to Krissy’s attention right away. 
  9. If at ANY time during a virtual home visit, you feel as though they might be hiding something, or that you can not get a good feel for the safety of the yard, you may abort the virtual visit and require an in-person home visit. Please let Krissy know ASAP if this is the case.

Return Completed Form ASAP!

You may return your home visit form one of two ways.
  1. Scan the form and save as a jpg or pdf file with the pet’s name and the adopter’s last name as the file name – Example: Scruffy Smith Home Visit.pdf). Email the completed form to Krissy  at as soon as it is complete. 
  2. You may enter all of the information collected into our online submission form below. BE SURE TO CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON. It will be sent immediately to Krissy.

Submit Completed Adopter Home Check Form Below

Adoption Home Check
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P.R.A.R Representative


Adopter Name
Adopter Name
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OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT - Please take your time in investigating any possible dangers to animals of ALL sizes!

Do you feel this home is currently safe and appropriate for this animal?

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If no repairs/corrections are needed - enter: NONE
Repairs must be made within 5 days of inspection to adopt.