Pregnant Mama with Parvo!!

Pregnant Mama with Parvo!!

#MamaKoko and her unborn babies are in crisis! Koko just tested positive for parvo virus 😭. Mama and her babies are at EXTREME risk. It is highly likely that the litter will be lost and we are trying to prepare ourselves for this grave reality. It is likely that the virus will push her into early labor and she could deliver premature babies infected with the virus. Right now, my top priority HAS to be the health of our tiny mommy. I am having Koko hospitalized at Happy Tails Veterinary Center with Dr. Bos. My heart is absolutely shattered as the ramifications of this are VERY far reaching. We are SCRAMBLING right now, folks. We will do absolutely EVERYTHING. IN. OUR. POWER. to save this family, but it is NOT looking good, especially for the little ones who have not yet begun to LIVE 🥺. We are in need of medical funding, this is going to be a hard battle. Today’s bill alone was over $900 and she goes back for hospitalization tomorrow. We have a LONG road to go.. If you have it on your heart to help Koko and her babies, you can donate these ways:

directly to our vet at 303-222-7777

Venmo – @pawsitive-restorations

On our website at

*** UPDATE*** After 3 days of hospitalization, Mama Koko is RECOVERING! Thank God! She is eating, drinking and has normal stools. We are so very grateful to our village who helped support her through this. We have managed to keep her sufficiently hydrated through this, that we believe we are out immediate danger of spontaneous miscarriage. It is our hope that her we caught and treated it early enough that the parvovirus didn’t cross the placenta into the babies. We won’t know anything of course until she whelps. We are crossing everything and praying for a positive outcome. Mama tested negative for the virus today, (5/3/21) and her whelping suite has been completely disinfected using veterinary grade parvocide. Mama has been bathed in a diluted parvocide to get the virus off of her as well. It is our hope that “IF” by chance those babies are born healthy, we have removed the virus from their environment and we can KEEP them healthy!! We had an X-ray done on Thursday, April 29th, which showed definitely 5, possibly 6 babies inside of her. Honestly, upon blowing up the xray in the middle and highly contrasting, I see at least 6, possibly 7. We found 5 heartbeats on Ultrasound. So we know we have at least 5 in there. I will post the RADS below – what do YOU think?

I also did a repeat ultrasound on 5/2 because I’m not feeling as much movement as I should be at this stage. Ultrasound shows hearts are still beating, and that video can be seen here –

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