Oscar is a 3 month old Pekapom (Pekingese / Pomeranian) puppy available for adoption in Denver, Colorado at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue!
Oscar is a 3 month old Pekapom (Pekingese / Pomeranian) puppy available for adoption in Denver, Colorado at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue!
  • Breed: Pekingese/Pomeranian
  • DOB: 5/23/23
  • Current Weight: 3.7lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • Estimated Adult Size: Small
  • Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Good with Dogs/Respectful Kids
  • Not Cat Tested

I’m being fostered in: Parker, CO


  • Safe, secure, fully-fenced, private yard. (not fully vaccinated yet, so no shared outdoor space)
  • No kids under 5

Oscar Can Go Home: NOW

Adoption Fee: $750

Oscar will require regular professional grooming for the rest of his life. Please keep this expense in mind before applying to adopt. 


Well, if our Oscar isn’t just the cutest lil’ thang you ever did see then I don’t know what you’ve been lookin’ at all this time! This wee punkin’ pie makes up for his size with his precious personality and over-the top love for his people. Tipping the scales at just a few pounds, our Oscar is gonna be a mighty mite. His favorite game is to take your finger gently in his mouth in hopes you’ll decide to scratch behind his ears or the back of his fanny. This kid loves toys but his bigger, stronger siblings often steal them away, so his furever home should be stocked up on all the latest puppy swag to make up for all the toys he loses to his littermates! Oscar is the littlest of his siblings so he will do best in a home with other dogs similar to his size, as well as older kids who can be responsible when handling this tea-cup sized pooch. While he wants to rock a mullet, Oscar will need regular grooming to be sure he’s not only in style, but also so that his lovely locks stay healthy and unmatted. Did we mention what an Einstein this boyo is? Well lemme tell ya, for a kid who just started potty training 3 weeks ago, he is ROCKING IT! Come see how wonderful this lil’ floof is! Submit an adoption application below!

KNOWN HISTORYThis precious kiddo was surrendered to rescue by a commercial kennel. These dogs were nothing more than a number in their previous lives, but their lives changed forever the day they were surrendered to PRAR! They’ve spent their time with us living in wonderful, loving foster homes learning what it’s like to be genuinely loved. ❤️  

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Oscar’s adoption fee is $750 and includes neuter, microchip with free lifetime registration, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormers, and 30 days of medical insurance. He will come home with a hobo bag of things to help him get started in his new furever home. You can apply to welcome him into your family by completing an adoption application below.

Please understand that adopting from P.R.A.R. means FOREVER. Please do NOT apply if you do not have the time to properly train and exercise a dog, (professional training will be required within 1 year of adoption) or if you do not meet the minimum adoption requirements for the dog in which you are applying, (see minimum requirements above).

About this breed mix:

The Peek-A-Pom is a happy, alert little dog. He is highly affectionate. He loves all members of the family, and rarely does he meet a stranger that he can’t make friends with. He loves to play, and toys which stimulate mentally activity are highly recommended for the Peek-A-Pom. This breed also does well with children although they are better recommended for families with older children simply because of the size of the Peek-A-Pom. (Often younger children do not know how to handle a small dog, and while the child means no harm, the dog may nip a small child who squeezes too tight or pulls the dog’s fur). The Peek-A-Pom will do anything to make his family laugh. He is not prone to separation anxiety, and is not overly destructive provided he has ample exercise throughout the day.


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