No Vax? No Dog!

No Vax? No Dog!

🔴 ATTENTION – NO VAX? NO DOG! 🔴 This post has been a long time coming… We are finding that probably 50% of applicants (or more) are not vaccinating their current pets. If you have followed our social media for ANY length of time, you’ve seen our battles with Canine Parvovirus. You’ve followed our dogs as they’ve battled for their lives from PREVENTABLE illnesses!! If you haven’t followed us, haven’t watched these animals suffer, haven’t seen parvo or distemper ravage a dog’s body… well, please keep reading. Education is KEY!!

We fight like hell to save these dogs from lethal viruses that could have been prevented with a $20 vaccination. We have spent TENS of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and days/weeks at a time getting little to no sleep while doing treatments every 5 minutes to TRY to keep a dogs intestines from liquefying and sloughing off. Yep! You read that right folks! With parvovirus, the intestinal lining sloughs off and they literally begin to poop out their liquefied intestines. On top of that, parvo wipes out their neutrophils leaving them 100% susceptible to secondary infections where even the slightest infection can kill them because they can’t fight it off! This is a HORRIFIC, PAINFUL virus. This is a dog killer. And it could have been PREVENTED! The 106° fevers, not eating or drinking and subsequent glucose crash, constant vomiting and diarrhea, severe dehydration, PAIN, and ultimately hypovolemic shock, (if we can’t stop it) they go through as their fragile bodies go to hell to battle this demon is like nothing you’ve ever seen, or ever WANT to see. And Distemper? Well folks, Distemper is the only thing that scares me more than Parvo… I’ll leave it at that.

Please… take a good, long, hard look at the photos in this post. Some of these dogs are alive today because we fought like hell – around the clock to save their lives from PREVENTABLE illnesses. Some of these dogs died, because no matter what we or our medical teams did, we couldn’t stop this efficient killer. If you take care of your animals and you vaccinate regularly, THANK YOU for loving your animals enough to keep them safe! If you don’t, I hope this post makes you start!

We kindly ask that you DO NOT APPLY TO ADOPT OUR DOGS IF YOU DONT VACCINATE, because your application will not be approved. Watching us go through this over and OVER again, and then NOT vaccinating your pets and then applying to adopt ours is a slap in not only OUR face, but in every rescuers’ face who fights day in and day out to save these animals. These animals are our babies, and we don’t fight to get/keep them healthy only turn around and adopt them into a home that will not love and care for them like WE love and care for them. We give ALL of our animals ALL the ‘extra’ we can to make sure they are happy and healthy and we simply won’t turn them over to someone who doesn’t have a history of doing the same for their furry family members. Vaccinate your pets, PLEASE!! Keep them SAFE from these monster viruses. You might think we are being “over-the-top” about this, and you’re right, because OUR babies deserve it! ❤ Please visit the FAQ section of our website and read the section titled, “After my adoption – RULES FOR NEWLY ADOPTED DOGS” to learn how to keep your newly acquired puppy as safe as possible from this lethal virus!

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