Mastiff Baby With Broken Jaw Needs Help

Mastiff Baby With Broken Jaw Needs Help

EMERGENCY – Medical funding needed! Baby has a broken jaw, needs at least $6000 for medical treatment A.S.A.P.!

Please #SHARE! We were contacted at 5:30 tonight by a local vet clinic about a NINE WEEK old baby Cane Corso who was attacked by another dog. Her jaw was badly broken. The owners couldn’t afford care and ordered her to be euthanized. No!! She’s just a BABY! She hasn’t yet even begun to LIVE! We simply couldn’t turn our heads and let her die We were at the vet by 6pm to pay her $1504.80 ransom and save her from euthanasia. She has an appointment first thing tomorrow for specialized x-rays under sedation at Happy Tails. Quote is $539 just for the RADS. We have been quoted roughly $4000 for the surgery to repair her jaw alone, that doesn’t include the over $2,000 prior to surgery, or whatever comes after. Then she will require a minimum of 4 weeks recovery and follow up visits. It has to be done, she is in sooo much pain! We have pain meds on board to hold her over to the morning. She is simply too precious to let die… she just needs HELP! If you are able to donate to help our girl please do! You can donate on this post, or at the links below! Even $5 will help! If you can’t donate, please help by sharing this post! We have to help her… FAST! Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff… as such, we have decided to give her a good ol’ Italian name, “Sicura,” is Italian for “Safe.” And she is SAFE with us tonight. Thank you for helping and sharing!

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  1. Krissy M

    Injured #BabySicura had the surgery to repair her badly fractured jaw at VCA Highlands Ranch. We took custody of Sicura on after her owner ordered euthanasia on this 9 week old puppy because they were unable to afford the $6000+ in medical care she needed. We have rallied our village as best we can to raise funds to cover. She was in the very capable hands of Board Certified Dental Surgeon, Dr. Roxane MacLellan, and is expected to heal. Thank you to everyone who donated and shared her fundraiser post on our FB page at –

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