Mama Koko welcomes her babies on Mother’s Day

Mama Koko welcomes her babies on Mother’s Day

We are celebrating #mothersday2021 with #MamaKoko, as she delivered 6 precious babies this morning. Updates and more photos can be found on our Facebook page. We have 2 critical Itty bitty babies. Mama Koko is another pretty crazy whelping case. A first for me… She popped positive for the deadly Parvovirus 1.5 weeks before she whelped. We were in a mad dash to help her get through the virus (alive) and none of us, or our veterinary team really knew what was going to come out of her. Were her pups going to be infected with the virus? Did the placenta block it? Would there be parvo-related heart malformations? We simply didn’t know. She ended up with 6 beautiful little ones – but two of those were born grossly small for gestational age, dehydrated and very weak. We jumped into action immediately, giving Sub-Q fluids and syringing the colostrum, electrolytes, glucose, probiotics and prebiotics and vitamins to help give them every chance we could to survive.

Baby 1 – Male, struggling, 3.3oz

Baby 2 – Male, small but appears OK, 4.6oz

Baby 3 – Male, struggling, 3.6oz

Baby 4 – Male, BIG, 6.5oz

Baby 5 – Female, OK, 5.5oz

Baby 6 – Female, OK, 5.8oz

Mama – Overwhelmed.

Midwoof – Exhausted

#’s 1 and 3 were born VERY small, skinny, and terribly dehydrated. They are struggling to stay warm, even in the warmers. Dr. Palmini came down on Sunday night to have a look at the babies. He said they look ok but are at risk for sepsis so started them on on antibiotic injections.

5/10/21 Update – We are so sorry to have to share that we lost baby number one and baby number two to fading puppy syndrome within about 24 hours of their delivery. We are hovering like hawks over the remaining babies to help them through.

5/11/21 Update – Baby number 3 is now finally latching onto his mama. We are cautiously optimistic at this time. The other 3 babies are doing exceptionally well, and parvo tests thus far have come back negative for the babies. All 4 surviving babies are gaining weight at this time,

6/29/21 Update – If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we lost baby Clifton (baby #3) not long after my previous update. It broke us. We take solace in knowing that while he was only with us a short time, he was SO SO LOVED.

The babies, Todd, Dolly and June are now just over 7 weeks old and they are full of piss and vinegar! They are really, truly, amazing little kiddos and it is going to SUCK to see them go. But alas, this is what we do. We save lives and send them on to their happily ever after so that we will have room to save more. Be watching in the second week of July (ish) for our angels to be posted for adoption.

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