Jaxon is a beautiful 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy available for adoption in Colorado at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue
Jaxon is a beautiful 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy available for adoption in Colorado at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue
  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  •  DOB: 6/10/23
  • Current Weight: 7.4lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • Estimated Adult Size: Small
  • Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Good with dogs and Respectful Kids

I’m being fostered in: S.E. Aurora, CO


  • Safe, secure, fully-fenced, private yard. (not fully vaccinated yet, so no shared outdoor space)
  • No kids under 5

Jaxon Can Go Home: NOW

Adoption Fee: $850

Jaxon will require regular professional grooming for the rest of his life. Please keep this expense in mind prior to applying to adopt


Helloooo prospective Paw-rents! Meet Jaxon, our 4-month-old Yorkshire Terrier pup! This little dude is a survivor of the pet trade and now, your personal joy generator! Jaxon isn’t just a dog; he’s a spirited charmer here to inject a daily dose of genuine happiness into your routine.

First off, playtime is where the magic happens. My toy stash is a treasure trove of delights – from bully sticks to squeaky toys that make the silliest sounds. Size? Pfft, that’s just a number to me. Big or small, I play with them all! Balls though… balls are my “thang” so I really hope you have lots of them to share!

Now, socializing is my specialty. I love to play with other dogs, and socializing with my pals should be a priority for my hoomans! 

But wait, after the play, it’s cuddle o’clock, frenz! Lap time is my jam – a warm, cozy hours-long session that speaks volumes, saying, “You’re my favorite hooman.” I’m the relaxation master, and I’m here to share my skills.

The back yard? Oh, that’s my kingdom now! No more cages for me! Your backyard is my realm for adventure. I’m on a quest to sniff out all the mysteries it holds. Adventure awaits, and I’m leading the way!

And here’s the kicker – I’m not just a pup; I’m a fearless explorer. Leaping off couches and steps like a four-legged acrobat injecting fun and excitement into our daily routine.

Adopting Jaxon isn’t just about bringing home a dog; it’s about inviting an authentic joy-maker into your life. Ready for the real deal? Adopt Jaxon today and let the unscripted, genuine moments begin!


KNOWN HISTORYThis precious kiddo was surrendered to rescue by a commercial kennel. These dogs were nothing more than a number in their previous lives, but their lives changed forever the day they were surrendered to PRAR! They’ve spent their time with us living in wonderful, loving foster homes learning what it’s like to be genuinely loved. ❤️  

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Jaxon’s adoption fee is $850 and includes neuter, microchip with free lifetime registration, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormers, and 30 days of medical insurance. He will come home with a hobo bag of things to help him get started in his new furever home. You can apply to welcome him into your family by completing an adoption application below.

Please understand that adopting from P.R.A.R. means FOREVER. Please do NOT apply if you do not have the time to properly train and exercise a dog (now and in the future) or if you do not meet the minimum adoption requirements for the dog in which you are applying.

About This Breed:

Beneath the dainty, glossy, floor-length coat of a Yorkshire Terrier beats the heart of a feisty, old-time terrier. Yorkies earned their living as ratters in mines and mills long before they became the beribboned lapdogs of Victorian ladies. Don’t let the Yorkie’s daintiness fool you. Tenacious, feisty, brave, and sometimes bossy, the Yorkie exhibits all the traits of a true terrier. Often named the most popular dog breed in various American cities, Yorkies pack lots of big-town attitude into a small but self-important package. They are favorites of urbanites the world over. Yorkies are long-lived and hypoallergenic (the coat is more like human hair than animal fur), and they make fine little watchdogs. This is a true ‘personality breed, providing years of laughs, love, and close companionship.

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