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Home Visit Information

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to adopt a Pawsitive Restorations kiddo! Now it’s time for your home visit! EVERY home/person adopting an animal from P.R.A.R. must undergo a home visit prior to us placing one of our beloved pets into your home. These visits are either done in-person, or via video call and typically require about 10-15 minutes of your time. We reserve the right to choose which method of home visit we wish to proceed with.

A PRAR Volunteer will reach out to you soon after placing your deposit to schedule a home visit with you. They will remind you what they are looking for, and it is your responsibility to make sure everything is repaired/in place before the volunteer arrives.


  1. That the home and yard are safe for the animal you are adopting
  2. No gaps or holes in the fence that the dog can fit through. If they can get their head through it, they can get their body through it. Please make sure ALL gaps/holes are mended PRIOR to your scheduled home visit, or you will chance losing the animal for which you have applied.
  3. ALL Gates/Entryways into your yard must have a padlock. This is non-negotiable, and will be part of your contract to maintain. Wind blows gates open. Kids leave gates open, and animal theft is on the rise. We do not want our kiddos getting loose. Please have padlocks in place prior to your scheduled home visit.
  4. No dangerous debris/chemicals in the yard, or accessible to the dog in the home.
  5. Please have sturdy window well covers in place if you have deep wells.
  6. Please have the supplies you need for your new addition ready. We will move very quickly once your home visit is complete. Please ask the foster family for a photo of the brand/type of food your pet is currently on, and go buy at least a few weeks worth. Your pet may NOT go anywhere after adoption, so no stopping at the store on your way home! (flight/health risk) NO RAWHIDE treats please. This is dangerous for dogs, and a very expensive surgery to retrieve it from the stomach/intestines. Thick bully sticks and tracheas are a much better option. Please have a new crate available. If not new, please soak the used crate in a 70/30 bleach mixture for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to putting your new pet inside of it.
  7. Hoarding situations – Thankfully this is rare, but if we walk into a house that clearly belongs to someone with a hoarding disorder, we will not be allowing the adoption to proceed.

We are not the house cleaning police, we promise! We know that people LIVE in their homes and we aren’t looking to see if you did the dishes or vacuumed the floor. We just need to make sure our babies are going to good/healthy/safe homes.

Once your home visit is complete, and the paperwork returned to the office, someone will reach out to you to schedule a time to bring your new baby home!

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