Fletcher is an adorable 3 month old mini schnauzer/poodle (schnoodle) puppy available for adoption in Denver, CO at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue!
Fletcher is an adorable 3 month old mini schnauzer/poodle (schnoodle) puppy available for adoption in Denver, CO at Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue!
  • Breed: Miniature Schnauzer / Poodle
  • DOB: 4/16/23
  • Current Weight: 6.2lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • Estimated Adult Size: Small
  • Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • Age appropriate vaccinations & preventatives
  • Good with Dogs  and respectful kids
  • Has Not Been Cat Tested

I’m being fostered in SE Aurora, CO


  • Safe, secure, fully-fenced, private yard. He’s not fully vaccinated, so no shared outdoor space.
  • No kids under 3

Fletcher Can Go Home: NOW

Adoption Fee: $750

Fletcher will require regular professional grooming for the rest of his life. Please keep this expense in mind prior to applying to adopt


Are you ready for a bundle of joy that will melt your heart and keep you in stitches? Meet Fletcher, our darling 3-month-old mini Schnauzer/Poodle (Schnoodle) puppy, who is eagerly looking for his forever home. Fletcher is a one-of-a-kind little man with an irresistible personality that will make you fall in love at first sight!

Fletcher has been making great progress with his potty training and thrives on positive reinforcement. He’s a smart pup who’s eager to please and learn new things. But let’s talk about his true superpower: winning the hearts of teenage girls! Fletcher is a natural ladies’ man and adores the attention he gets from the young ladies in his current home.

This pint-sized nugget is all about fun and playtime! Fletcher loves to engage in playful activities, snuggle up in your lap, and embark on exciting explorations. He’s got great puppy energy and could play non-stop if his little body would let him! After a thrilling play session, Fletcher knows it’s time for a well-deserved puppy nap to recharge, and then he’s back in action, ready to play some more!

Having experienced life outside of the puppy mill cage, Fletcher is on a mission to make the most of his newfound freedom. He is enthusiastic about learning new things, exploring his surroundings, and soaking up all the love and snuggles he can get. Running zoomies with fellow furry friends, especially around the kitchen island, brings him immense joy. Although he can keep himself entertained, Fletcher’s happiness truly shines when he has a friendly dog companion to pal around with.

Toys are a whole new world for Fletcher, and he is particularly fond of balls. But let’s not forget his undying love for squeaky toys! Watching him excitedly interact with his toys is a heartwarming sight. Every day is an adventure for Fletcher, and his slightly confused but oh-so-adorable expression reveals his pure enjoyment of this exciting new life.

Fletcher is a great communicator, letting you know when he’s ready to wake up for the day and embark on epic adventures with his forever family. He is always eager to try new things and explore the world around him, making every moment with him full of surprises and laughter.

We can’t forget to mention Fletcher’s fabulous frosted tips! His unique hairstyle gives him an envy-worthy look that would make any woman jealous. With Fletcher by your side, you’ll be the talk of the town! Submit an adoption application today and come meet our little-big man!

KNOWN HISTORY – Mill broker surrender. These pups have lived their entire lives being nothing more than a number or merchandise. Their whole worlds changed the day they came into our program! They finally got to be members of a real family, and we can’t wait to watch them grow up in loving homes where they are part of YOUR family, too! 

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Fletcher’s adoption fee is $750 and includes neuter, microchip with free lifetime registration, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormers, and 30 days of medical insurance.  He will come home with a hobo bag of things to help him get started in his new furever home. You can apply to welcome this handsome young fella into your family by completing an adoption application below.

Please understand that adopting from P.R.A.R. means FOREVER. Please do NOT apply if you do not have the time to properly train and exercise a dog, (professional training will be required within 1 year of adoption) or if you do not meet the minimum adoption requirements for the dog in which you are applying, (see minimum requirements above).

Please read each question carefully and answer with as much detail and information as possible! If you don’t, you will likely be skipped over for someone who did.

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