"Righting the most unfathomable wrongs"

Our Angels

This page is a tribute to the real heroes. A “Wall of Fame” dedicated to the amazing folks who reached down deep, and donated money & supplies to save animal’s lives! Without YOU, we can’t help THEM!

thank you

Sano Hospital for Animals (Veterinary care)

Kristen Tarman – Evelyn Hope Custom Personalized Message Pillows

Jennifer Laughlin – Caires

Larry Olson

Heather & Shane Henry

Shannon Spence

Mark Schmidt

Tara Verville

Matthew Wood

Kathi Simmons

Dianna & Rocky Fox

Stacy & Jay Murphy

Tracy & Shane McCuller

Mico Smith

Stacia Mann

Vicki Wallis

Marvin Rea

Michelle Phillips (all the way in AUSTRALIA!)

Steve Albertson

Danielle Brandenberger

Ruth LeClerc

Abbarilla Webster

Pam Breitung

Beverly Marsh

Karina Faul

Brenda Reid